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EDC Blockchain is a global platform with its own cryptocurrency, providing ready-made blockchain solutions for business.

3 facts about EDC Blockchain:

  • Project is on the market since 2015
  • EDC coins are used by people living in 57 countries
  • Our community consists of over 1,250,000 active users

Why do a lot of people trust us? Because the EDC Blockchain platform is a complex of possibilities for the implementation of any ideas.

Short Description



- Trading on world markets. EDC cryptocurrency is presented on Bit-z, DigiFinex, Idax, Yobit and other major exchanges.

- Mining based on the LPoS algorithm. It doesn’t consume computer power, as the masternode mines cryptocurrency remotely, while you are getting a profit to your EDC wallet starting from the first day of its operation.

- Graphene Protocol. You are provided with fast transactions, low commissions, as well as multitasking when working with multiple tokens.



- Working with digital assets: issue, management, storage and trading.

- Multicurrency wallet. Safe, convenient, fast.

- Package solutions for creating digital currency based on the blockchain which are applied to tokenization of business, attraction of investments, payment for goods and services, as well as to payment programs.

- Marketing support for projects , Promotion of your project in the media and work with different advertising channels. Content creation and its promotion.

- Development of blockchain projects , as well as development and implementation of smart contracts for any requiremen



- Launch of the EDC Blockchain application for all operating systems.

- Creation of a global blockchain aggregator, i.e., a platform that simplifies the creation of digital assets based on any of the existing blockchains.

- Creation of a fast and secure decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the blockchain.

- Creation of crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain to attract investments for projects and startups

- Creation of a global p2p marketplace based on the blockchain for the entire EDC Blockchain community



We have updated the EDC BLOCKCHAIN wallet, turning it into a multipurpose tool with a simple interface. Web, İos, Android

Wallet Features

  • The ability to store any tokens issued on the EDC Blockchain.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Accessibility on all platforms and browsers.
  • Fast and secure transactions.
  • Ability to lease coins to the masternode for mining directly from the wallet



EDC cryptocurrency mining is carried out using the LPoS (Leased-proof-of-Stake) algorithm and masternodes.

Masternode is a kind of pool in which users lend their coins, thereby, allowing the node to mine EDC.

You do not need to keep your computer turned on, as well as you do not need to perform any actions. You can easily lease your coins and get mined EDC to your wallet every day.



Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? You can do it on the EDC BLOCKCHAIN platform.

You do not need powerful computing equipment, services of programmers, as well as you don’t need to buy hosting. The platform will do all these things for you, including even complex programming. Just check your custom settings - and get started!

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